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If you are looking for gas fireplace repair services in Wheeling, Missouri, we can help. Our mission is to make sure that our clients' are happy by providing quality workmanship in a professional manner with great attention to detail. We consistently strive to (and do) exceed expectations. We specialize in both residential and commercial projects in Wheeling, and we have the fireplace professionals to get the job done right. From duct work to fireplaces we can help with all your heating and cooling needs. From when we start to the final walk-through, we put customer satisfaction first. Contact us today to learn more. We offer gas fireplace repair for the entire Wheeling area.

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If you need a fireplace specialist in Wheeling, Ace Fireplace Repairs is ready to help. We can handle just about everything fireplace repair related. Contact us above and we will get back to you with a free quote in no time. No matter what your contractor needs are we can help. Fill out the form on this page to get started.

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Here are some recent customer Gas Fireplace Repair requests.


"Gas fireplace insert just turns on for a few seconds and keeps shutting off .. Thanks.."


"Please call today regarding fireplace repair project in findlay."


"We bought our house back in july. The previous owners capped the gas line so they could burn wood. I reinstalled the gas igniter and can't get it to work. I'm not sure how to test if gas is flowing or not. I would like it to be had. Thanks for your time."


"Gas fireplace has issues staying on. Pilot light never turns off, but fireplace will randomly turn off and on (while light switch is on). Haven’t had the problem until recently."


"Our gas fireplace will light, but not stay lit. Troubleshooting tips seem to suggest the thermocouple is bad."


"I have a gas fireplace in need of repair and cleaning with a chimney also needing cleaning. We stopped using it a few years ago because the pilot wasn't staying lit or the gas delivery was intermittent. It worked well before that."


"Our gas fireplace will not turn on when the light switch is flipped, or it will turn on briefly and turn itself off. The pilot light is clearly on."


"We have two gas fireplaces that some time will light and other times will not light when you turn on by the light switch. Additionally at times they will shut off on their own. We would also like to have the fireplaces have a blower so that the warmth would extend out into the room better."


"Looking for yearly service and cleaning. Can you tell me what you charge for that service?"


"I have a gas fireplace. When i try to turn it on, it won’t start anymore. The pilot is lit. It has been slowly going bad for the last year. We had to turn it on a few times to get it started, but now it won’t start at all."


"My gas fireplace remote is broken. The fireplace needs to be cleanef."


"I have a gas fireplace and try to get it going now that it is getting cold. It took a while to get the pilot going but i was able to manage it. However, did general flame will not ignite/kick over when i flip the wall switch. Often it will take several minutes before it kicks over but is not doing it in this case. I certainly do not believe it will be a complicated case and may simply be a loose wire somewhere but wanted to get an ideaof an estimate. Thanks so much. Rick"


"I am looking for a service for my mother's gas fireplace insert. It works perfectly except we no longer have the remote and need it to work from the switch next to the fireplace. Please call me"


"Pilot light isn’t coming on for our gas fireplace."